Experience from Online DMM Eikaiwa teacher, What do we expect to the teacher?

I have been used DMM Eikaniwa for almost 1 years and I really enjoy talking with DMM Eikaiwa teacher. Most of the teacher is really nice and friendly but some teacher is not nice sometimes so I would like to write about my experience




1. Please do not finish class before 25min

The worst impression comes from this, if teacher finish in 24min, then student feel this teacher want to finish quickly even if the material finished. Even if the 1 min it is important for students especially Japanese


2. Please do not waste the time after material

Sometimes material finished quickly. Then, please ask students what do you want next? I have experienced the teacher who does not want to move next material, so when I chose next material, he just talk about meaningless thing like this material is not tagged or this material is too easy.. and we finished this class. We quickly notice if you want to try to consume time for a meaningless thing. This is one of my worst experience.


3. Please focus on the class

Some teacher does not focus on the class. Most of the negative comment is this, the teacher was typing something of stare at somewhere or seems dull. You had better make sign that shows student I am listening like nodding or smiling or small response


4. Please give us feedback or correct our English

Some teacher does not give us feedback or can not correct English and just smile and say great! or do you have any question? If you have the ability to do that, please do it as long as you doesn't go nitpick level. I understand it is difficult for Japanese because we usually prefer polite way or indirect way when you give us feedback and there is a risk of being offensive. If you cannot our English, please just check the meaning or at least give us a sentence in your English.


5. Please use chat box effectively

If you tell them a sentence, it is better idea use chat box because after class we can check the sentence.


6. Please write a lesson note.

If we access DMM Eikaiwa, our top page is previous class's lesson note. One teacher wrote lesson note like - (dash mark) for each section. I was sad.


7. If you have complaint to the students, perhaps students think the same thing

Surprisingly I have experience that one nonsmile teacher and an unenthusiastic teacher before and both teachers required me more smile and enthusiastic! so I notice lesson is like a mirror. After that, I try to pay attention for that.



Personally, I like to talk private thing to the teacher even though I am learning English for examination. We like friendly teacher very much.


Unfortunately, this is the end of this essay. Again I like most of the teacher and really enjoy taking classes.


I hope to we will soon again! Have a good night!:)